Odour Removal

Odour Removal

Types Of Odours that We specialise in Removing:

  • Smoke/Fire Odour
  • Decomposition/Meat Odours
  • Oil/Kerosene Odours
  • Protein Fire Odour

Odour Removal

Smoke/Fire Odour

The smell of smoke will be throughout your property after a fire. F.C.S.I can remove the odours by cleaning, deodorizer, fogging and by an ozone process. To leave your home smelling fresh and smoke free.

Decomposition/Meat Odour

This odour is never a pleasant experience F.C.S.I. have the expertise to remove this odour. Returning your property to its original state

Oil/Kerosene Odour

Oil boiler leaks in the home will leave a nasty odour and will be unhealthy to the occupants of the home. F.C.S.I can return your property to a safe, healthy and fresh environment.

Odour Removal

Protein Fire Odour

What is a Protein Fire?

When a person is cooking a piece of meat on the stove and has forgotten about it , when the return home later to find the home filled with gray smoke, a horrible heavy odour and the smoke alarm blaring. The pot is burnt and the meat has disintegrated.

What has happened is a protein fire. By definition this is a fire involving food such as meat.

Most protein fires occur in the kitchen when meat is burnt to the cremated state giving off a greasy smoke film and heavy odour. The film contains remains of the meat which was burnt. A problem with this type of fire is that there is nothing to see, such as soot, but heavy odour is present.
All areas and contents where odour is present will have to be cleaned, ozone.

Protein fires cause such a level of damage that in some cases cleaning alone is not sufficient to restore a property to its original state it may be required to be repainted & decorated

The need for Odour removal can occur in a wide variety of circumstances. At Forensic Cleaning Services Ireland we work to detect the source of the unwanted odour and then eliminate it.

We do this by isolating the area in which the Odour is emanating from and by then conducting a thorough cleaning process around the affected area. We do this by treating the area with our Ozone cleaning system to deodorize the entire effected part of the property.

One of the main problems with the treatment of odours in any type of property is the detection of where the odour is located. Although you may be able to clearly smell the odour in a certain part of the property it does not necessarily mean that the odour is located in that area.

Our team can use their years of experience to find, treat, and stop the odour occurring again in the property. Odour problems can not only make your property unpleasant to live in and hard to rent or sell, it can also in some circumstances pose a serious health risk to those living in the property.

To speak to a member of our trained team about how we can help you deal with unwanted odours in your property

contact Forensic Cleaning Services Ireland today for a free no obligation consultation.

Odour Removal

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